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Easy All-in-One Kit

Let’s be honest: life will be a little different this fall.

But you know what? The leaves will still change into beautiful shades of red and gold. The days will still get a little chillier, and the nights will get a little cozier. And while gatherings will be a lot smaller, I think they will be all the sweeter – simply because we won’t take them for granted.

Plus, some of our favorite traditions will continue, and (at least for now) that includes football! Maybe you’ll still be watching the NFL or your local university team. Or maybe you’ll simply be playing some serious games of flag football in the backyard.

But no matter what, you can make it into a fun afternoon – and score big with the best snacks on the block. New for fall, Tastefully Simple’s Get Together Kit includes everything you need, including eight delicious products and a complete menu.

Here’s what you can make … with a tailgating twist!

1. Warm the Oven Dip. Just add cream cheese – that’s it! Serve this warm, gooey, garlicky dip with your favorite fresh veggies and crackers for game day.

Warm the Oven! Dip Mix Recipe | Tastefully Simple

2. Bountiful Beer Bread Bowl with Spinach & Herb Dip. It’s always a winner, and it travels beautifully, too.

Instead of using a bowl this time, I actually baked my beer bread in a loaf pan as usual and then trimmed a football shape out of the top. I scooped dip into the center, added a couple chives as “laces” and … voila!

Tasty Tailgating: Easy All-in-One Kit blog post | Tastefully Simple

3. Chipotle Chile Sausage Bites. No utensils needed! Creamy and crispy, these perfectly poppable apps are loaded with savory sausage, smoky chipotle, melted Cheddar and mild chilies – all in crunchy wonton cups.

Tasty Tailgating: Easy All-in-One Kit blog post | Tastefully Simplebr />
Oh, and since you use a mini muffin pan, this recipe makes a ton of servings – making it great for a group or grown-up appetites.

4. Balsamic & Basil Appetizer Kabobs. For a fresh snack, stack up these mini skewers with cucumbers, tomatoes, salami, tortellini and mozzarella.

Balsamic & Basil Appetizer Kabobs Recipe | Tastefully Simplebr />
Tip: You can even make them a day ahead of time – just keep ‘em refrigerated in an airtight container.

5. Bacon Pepper Cream Cheese. This grab-and-go combo couldn’t be easier, and it’s absolutely delicious with hearty crackers like Triscuits®.

Bacon Pepper Cream Cheese Recipe | Tastefully Simple

You can add a few cured meats to your serving plate, too, if you’re feeding a bunch of carnivores – this sweet-smoky jam is delicious with salami and prosciutto.

6. Honey Mustard Pigs in a Blanket. Fun fact: my 8-year-old declared these little piggies to be one of the best meals I’ve ever made. (To be clear, it wasn’t actually a meal – I do feed my children vegetables and side dishes. Well, sometimes. This mama will take the wins whenever I can get ‘em though.)

Tasty Tailgating: Easy All-in-One Kit blog post | Tastefully Simple

The sweet tang of honey mustard adds such a subtle, tasty zing. At our house, we used smoked Cheddar in place of the regular variety, too. SO good – and it looks so impressive! You can assemble everything in advance, and just pop it in the oven when you’re ready to bake.

7. Cranberry Orange Trifles. And if you’re going for extra points, whip up these cute little trifles – layered in disposable small cups or one big glass bowl. Festive and fruity, these sweet spiced desserts are perfect for fall, and you can pop them in the fridge a few hours ahead of time.

Cranberry Orange Trifles Recipe | Tastefully Simple

That’s it! Remember, you can see what’s inside or buy the whole kit right here.

I know quarantine is getting long, friends. But even if you’re cheering on your favorites from afar this year, you can still show some serious team spirit.

And with food this easy and delicious? Everybody wins.   
– Jen