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If you’ve been on social media at all recently, it would be nearly impossible to have missed the latest craze … cocoa bombs!

A blend of cooking and crafting, a cocoa bomb is made by lining round silicone molds with chocolate, then filling the halves with hot cocoa or chai mix and marshmallows. The resulting “bomb” is placed in a mug, and when you pour hot water over the top, the chocolate melts and the marshmallows pop out. It’s fun! And it’s delicious.

We’ve recorded a video to show you how it’s done » 

Here are my top tips for making cocoa bombs:

Molds: Look for 2- or 2½-inch round silicone molds; anything larger won’t fit in a standard mug.

Chocolate: Choose something good quality. Almond bark works, but it neither tastes as good nor melts as well as actual chocolate. I tried multiple varieties of barks, chips and chocolates, and my favorite was Ghirardelli® Melting Wafers.

“Painting”: After trying a pastry brush and a silicone brush, I found that using the back of a spoon worked the best for painting the melted chocolate into the molds.

Holes: If you discover a hole after unmolding – no worries! Just patch it with a little melted chocolate, chill, and proceed.

Fillings: I made two kinds: cocoa mix blended with our Cinnamon Spice Seasoning + mini marshmallows, and Oh My! Chai Drink Mix + cinnamon marshmallows (I found the marshmallows at Walmart®). Both were fabulous.

Decorating: I kept mine pretty simple, but you can go as fancy as you like. It’s easier to decorate the halves and then assemble the bombs. Once assembled, they tend to roll around. If you are using both fillings, do something to indicate what’s inside. I failed to do that, so all of mine were “mystery bombs.”

Cocoa Bombs are a process to be sure, but they are super fun. It’s a great project for you and your kids on the weekend, and they make charming gifts.



PS: Since you’ve got your Cinnamon Spice Seasoning out, check out this fantastic recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Chia Pudding!