Bloody Mary Charcuterie

Hey friends, have you heard the news? We have a new Bloody Mary Mixer, and it’s only here for a limited time!

Bloody Marys are not only trendy and delicious … they are also loaded with antioxidants. And fiber if you add a few veggie garnishes!

Our basic Bloody Mary recipe is remarkably simple, with just 3 ingredients. And for a real treat … try making it with Pickle Vodka. (Yes! That’s a thing!)

There are so many more ways to enjoy this delightful mixer that we went recently went live on Facebook to show you how. To see our fun Bloody Mary charcuterie board – and learn to make bacon skewers (!) – take a look at the replay:

We also have this short video loaded with recipe ideas, including a dip, a burger and a snack mix.

See all nine of our bodacious Bloody Mary recipes.

Whether it’s in an egg bake, on a pizza or in a perfectly garnished Bloody Mary, our new mixer has everything you need to make that zesty, tomato-y flavor sing!

Remember to get it before it’s gone … this one is available only while supplies last.



PS – Stir some Bloody Mary Mixer into cooked rice for a jazzed-up side dish!