Father's Day Gifts for the Grill Guy

Dads and grilling go together like burgers and buns. Even guys who wouldn’t be caught dead in the kitchen just love to show off their mastery of the ancient art of cooking over coals. With Father’s Day just around the corner (June 19) and a full summer’s worth of steaks, hot dogs, burgers and chops to be grilled, now is the time to help Pops sharpen his grill skill with a gift to make him a Grill Master!

Tastefully Simple’s Griller’s Gift Box includes two sensational sauces – Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce and Bayou Bourbon Glaze – plus Ultimate Steak Seasoning. Individually, these products are the key to amazing grilled meats, veggies and more. Together, they form Dad’s must-have “toolkit” for great grilling adventures.

Here are a few examples of how the Griller’s Gift Box will make life more delicious for Dad and the whole family!

Ultimate Grilled Steak

A zesty marinade featuring Ultimate Steak Seasoning is the secret to tender, juicy grilled steaks with this five-star favorite recipe.

The “Manly Bacon Burger”.

Dad’s a manly guy with a manly appetite. This loaded quarter-pound bacon and pepper jack cheeseburger is topped with Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce.

Grilled Bayou Bourbon Chicken.

Bayou Bourbon Glaze, a rich, brown sugar bourbon sauce with hints of apple cider vinegar, onion and molasses, makes this five-star recipe a winner.

BBQ Bacon Grilled Shrimp.

Who says you can’t make delectable seafood on the grill? These skewers of bacon-wrapped shrimp are smothered with Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce and grilled to perfection.

Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob.

Made for more than meats, Ultimate Steak Seasoning, with its bold black pepper, garlic, red bell pepper and paprika flavor combo, adds incredible flavor to corn on the cob, potatoes, eggs and so much more.

Bourbon Bacon Hot Dogs

The humble hot dog gets a savory makeover, courtesy of Bayou Bourbon Glaze.

Looking for even more great Father’s Day gifts? Consider the Grill Master 10-Meal Kit, which includes products, recipes and grocery list to make 10 flavorful grilled meals. Also a winner: limited-time Hot Sauce Duo, including mild and tangy Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce and bold Fire-Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce.

However you choose to honor Dad, he’s sure to feel the love with delicious Tastefully Simple foods!