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First off, I love food! I started cooking as a kid - my mom was willing to let me try just about anything, and she was not a "hoverer" (thanks, Mom!). I still spend much of my free time in the kitchen, usually experimenting with Tastefully Simple products. I often foist my latest creation upon my very patient family or an unsuspecting neighbor ("Hey - try this!) Whattya think?"). So if you're within 100 yards of my kitchen, watch out!

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Magic Veggie Bin

Posted by Jane N on January 18, 2023

Do you eat your veggies? Are you looking for ways to eat more veggies? Because it turns out the old adage “Eat your vegetables!” is true – veggies can and do help us improve our overall health. According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Half our plate should be fruits and veggies; ¼ read more »

National Cookie Day

Posted by Jane N on December 2, 2022

Everyone loves cookies! From toddler to old-timer, here in the US we nibble cookies through every season of life, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Nothing beats a cookie fresh from the oven – and did you know that you can simplify the process by starting with a baking mix? It’s true! Tastefully Simple read more »

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted by Jane N on November 17, 2022

Hey friends – did you know that the simplest thing to make for Thanksgiving is the turkey? It’s true. Just three ingredients, a few hours in the oven and bam! Delicious turkey! It features our expertly blended Rustic Herb Seasoning which I like to call “Thanksgiving in a jar.” And if turkey’s not your thing, read more »

Budget-Friendly Sweet Ideas

Posted by Jane N on September 6, 2022

Hey, friends, if you are looking for fresh, budget-friendly ideas … we have LOADS of them! We just brought back our fantastically fudgy Chocolate Ugly Cake Mix™ this season, and you can save tons of $$ when you bake your own goodies at home instead of buying them at the bakery. And we make it read more »

Air-Fried Turkey Tenderloin with Berry Sauce

Eat Clean with TS EatWell!

Posted by Jane N on August 30, 2022

Are you ready to clean up your diet? Treat your body like the temple it is by eating foods with natural, wholesome ingredients! We can help, because more than 85% of our products are “TS EatWell” – which means they have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors or preservatives, no artificial sweeteners and no added read more »

Tuscan Tortellini with Sausage and Spinach

Budget Friendly Meals

Posted by Jane N on August 16, 2022

Looking for ways to save money? Try eating at home! Restaurants charge roughly 300% more for any given meal than it would cost to cook the same dish at home, so you can make some serious cuts to your food budget when you eat in instead of out. Cooking at home can be both easy read more »

6 DIY Dressings (and a video!)

6 DIY Dressings (and a video!)

Posted by Jane N on June 2, 2022

Have you ever read the ingredient label on a bottle of salad dressing? The list can be both long and chemical-sounding (what is Propylene Glycol Alginate, anyway?) and often contains preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes. If I’m going to eat a luscious bowl of healthy veggies, I want the dressing to be luscious and healthy read more »

Bloody Mary Charcuterie

Bloody Mary Charcuterie

Posted by Jane N on May 10, 2022

Hey friends, have you heard the news? We have a new Bloody Mary Mixer, and it’s only here for a limited time! Bloody Marys are not only trendy and delicious … they are also loaded with antioxidants. And fiber if you add a few veggie garnishes! Our basic Bloody Mary recipe is remarkably simple, with read more »

Let’s Roll!

Let’s Roll!

Posted by Jane N on April 14, 2022

FACT: Things that are rolled, swirled, twisted or spun are FUN! So today, I’m going to share FIVE bold, rolled (and often extolled!) recipes that bring pinwheel panache to the party. First up–Minnesota Sushi! This adorable appetizer is the stuff of our Scanda-hoovian roots up here in the northland. Ham, cream cheese and pickles are read more »

Easy Easter Eats!

Easy Easter Eats!

Posted by Jane N on March 31, 2022

Peter Cottontail is about to start hoppin’ down the bunny trail, so we have an amazingly easy and delicious ham recipe for you today, plus some sides and a dessert too. Let’s start with the star of the show – this wonderfully simple Tangy Raspberry Glazed Ham. Just two ingredients! We also have a video: read more »