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I'm a single lady who shares her home and life with her sprightly 91-year-old mom and two spoiled cats. I'm happiest in my garden, crafting and cooking - especially baking. I love to experiment and try new things (Pinterest is my natural habitat), and while my reach sometimes exceed my grasp - I've had a few epic fails in the kitchen! - I always learn something new ... and the journey (even if it's sometimes a little bumpy) is its own reward.

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Classy Chocolate Pound Cake 7 Ways

Posted by Keri M on February 8, 2023

Cake comes in so many delicious forms: sponge cake, upside down cake, coffee cake, angel food cake, short cake … with so many options, it’s perhaps not surprising that the simple pound cake doesn’t grab the attention it deserves. Dating back to the early 1700s, pound cake got its name from its original, super-simple recipe: read more »

3 Steps to Winning Wings

Posted by Keri M on February 3, 2023

We Americans LOVE our chicken wings. Collectively, we’ll eat 1.33 BILLION wings during this year’s Big Game weekend alone, according to a report from the National Chicken Council. That’s a LOT of finger lickin’! According to History Daily, our love affair with wings began in 1964, when Teressa Bellissimo, owner of the Anchor Bar in read more »

5 Smart Reasons to Cook at Home

Posted by Keri M on January 11, 2023

When you think about your mom or dad, what comes to mind? For many people, there will be memories of foods she prepared during your childhood. It might not be anything special or fancy – my own favorite dish of my mother’s was a simple sloppy joe on a bun. I’ve never been able to read more »

Meal Planning Tips & Ideas

Posted by Keri M on January 4, 2023

“Meal planning” is a catch-phrase that you’ve probably seen a lot in magazines and online. While it may seem like just the latest food fad, getting organized about answering the question, “What’s for dinner?” really is a smart strategy. Benefits of meal planning include: eliminating the daily stress of deciding what to eat stretching your read more »

Simple Side Dishes

Posted by Keri M on December 15, 2022

When planning your party menu, remember that easy side dishes complete the meal. From traditional dishes for special occasions – think cranberries for Thanksgiving and potato salad for Independence Day – to new takes on familiar ingredients, your side dishes can be the surprisingly simple grace note in your mealtime melody! Things to Consider When read more »

Delicious DIY Gifts

Posted by Keri M on December 5, 2022

I used to agonize over what to get for those hard-to-buy-for folks on my list. Usually I fell back on generic “male” or “female” items; mom generally got that year’s popular perfume, and I don’t like to think of how many flashlights and work gloves my brother-in-law has unwrapped from me over the years. (Sorry, read more »

Delightful Dips for Your Next Party

Posted by Keri M on November 15, 2022

Many elements set the stage for a great gathering: an interesting mix of guests, mood-setting décor and of course – terrific eats! When you plan your appetizer spread, be sure to include the unsung hero of perfect party food: a variety of delicious dips! Defining Dips Essentially, dips are thick sauces that add flavor to read more »

What’s The Best Beer for Beer Bread?

Posted by Keri M on November 10, 2022

There’s just one rule for choosing a beer for beer bread: pick something you like! Every variety of beer has a unique flavor that will impact how your beer bread tastes. A good rule of thumb is to choose a flavor profile that complements whatever you plan to serve with your beer bread. Tastefully Simple’s read more »

What Goes With Beer Bread?

Posted by Keri M on November 1, 2022

Beer bread is great all on its own, and pairs with many entrees and side dishes, making it the perfect complement any meal. You can also choose the flavor of your beer bread depending on the type of beer you use or by varying your beer bread recipe. Here are a few dishes that partner read more »

Bowl of soup with chicken and veggies

Discover Your Soup-er Powers!

Posted by Keri M on October 18, 2022

If you live in a part of the country where the leaves are turning vivid hues and the air is turning brisk, you know what time it is: soup season! Even if the weather where you are stays balmy year-round, a hearty, homemade soup is always a welcome sight on the dinner table. Here are read more »