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I'm a single lady who shares her home and life with her sprightly 91-year-old mom and two spoiled cats. I'm happiest in my garden, crafting and cooking - especially baking. I love to experiment and try new things (Pinterest is my natural habitat), and while my reach sometimes exceed my grasp - I've had a few epic fails in the kitchen! - I always learn something new ... and the journey (even if it's sometimes a little bumpy) is its own reward.

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Howlin' for Horseradish

Howlin’ for Horseradish

Posted by Keri M on October 19, 2021

For a lowly root, horseradish has an impressive history. People have been eating it for at least 3,000 years, and in Greek legend, the Oracle of Delphi told the god Apollo it’s worth its weight in gold. Over the centuries, it’s been used as a treatment for everything from kidney stones to the common cold. read more »

5 Non-Soup Ways to Enjoy Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix

5 Non-Soup Ways to Enjoy Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix

Posted by Keri M on October 18, 2021

For previous generations, making homemade soup was often an all-day affair, with chicken boiled to make stock, veggies laboriously washed and chopped, noodles mixed up, rolled out, cut and set aside to dry before the whole kit ‘n kaboodle was dumped into a big pot to simmer for hours. And at the end of the read more »

Sauce Up Your Tailgating Party

Sauce Up Your Tailgating Party

Posted by Keri M on October 4, 2021

An American philosopher named Homer Simpsononce declared, “The game is nothing.” He understood that the REAL action and competition happens in the parking lot outside the stadium − the tailgating party. A uniquely North American phenomenon,  the practice of indulging in food, drink and socializing before an athletic competition has been traced as far back read more »

Tastefully Simple Partners With Feed My Starving Children

Tastefully Simple Partners With Feed My Starving Children

Posted by Keri M on August 26, 2021

For more than a quarter century, Tastefully Simple has been making people’s lives less stressful and more delicious with high quality, easy-to-prepare products and meal kits. While proud to provide wholesome, family-friendly foods to thousands of clients across the country, Tastefully Simple recognizes that there are so many millions around the world – especially children read more »

Annual Party

The ROAR Heard ‘Round the World!

Posted by Keri M on August 5, 2021

The times, they are a’changin’. Over the past year, life has changed in significant ways – in how we work, how we learn and even how we celebrate. Tastefully Simple consultants have harnessed the power of online partying as well as in-person tasting events to grow their businesses. So it was only natural that this read more »

Flavor Profile

Personality Quiz: What’s Your Flavor Profile?

Posted by Keri M on July 19, 2021

We often use the language of flavor to describe people: an ill-tempered person might be “a little salty,” for instance, or a kindly person could be called “sweet.” Have you ever wondered how your personality might translate into a flavor profile? Take the quiz below to discover if you are spicy, saucy, sweet or savory! read more »

Brownie Points

Brownie Points

Posted by Keri M on July 16, 2021

I used to host garden tea parties in my backyard, and it was planning for these events that taught me the delights of truly tiny treats. They’re cute, “fun-sized” and you can eat several without feeling like you’ve blown your diet – because there can’t be many calories in itty-bitties, right? The downside is that read more »

Flavor, Cash & Fun: Is a Tastefully Simple business right for you?

Posted by Keri M on June 15, 2021

Who couldn’t use little more cash?Who wouldn’t enjoy a life with more flavor?Who doesn’t want to have more fun? The truth is, even people who are pretty satisfied with their lives sometimes dream of something more. It’s not about being greedy; it’s about creating a life you truly love. Maybe you’d like to take a read more »

That’s a Wrap!

Posted by Keri M on June 1, 2021

One of the challenges of cooking for one is that most recipes are designed to serve several people. True, some recipes can be cut down relatively easily, but as a “right-brain” type, I try to avoid processes that require more than the most rudimentary math. So when I’m planning a week’s worth of menus, I read more »

Six Ways to Sell Tastefully Simple

Posted by Keri M on May 17, 2021

Maybe you think of Tastefully Simple as a home party company. You’re right! Or maybe you heard Tastefully Simple is doing online parties. You’re right! Perhaps Tastefully Simple makes you think of fundraisers or pop-up events. Ding! Ding! Right AGAIN! The fact is, Tastefully Simple is all these things and more. We started in 1995 read more »