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I'm a single lady who shares her home and life with her sprightly 91-year-old mom and two spoiled cats. I'm happiest in my garden, crafting and cooking - especially baking. I love to experiment and try new things (Pinterest is my natural habitat), and while my reach sometimes exceed my grasp - I've had a few epic fails in the kitchen! - I always learn something new ... and the journey (even if it's sometimes a little bumpy) is its own reward.

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Make Any Night a Fiesta!

Make Any Night a Fiesta!

Posted by Keri M on May 5, 2022

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo today? Even if you don’t commemorate the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862, it’s a great reminder that a pitcher of margaritas, a tableful of tacos and a gathering of good friends make any occasion a fiesta! Whether you are celebrating a graduation, Mom or read more »

5 Questions to Ask BEFORE "What's for dessert?"

5 Questions to Ask BEFORE “What’s for dessert?”

Posted by Keri M on April 26, 2022

People are passionate about dessert. Helen Keller is credited with the famous quote, “Life is short and unpredictable. Eat the dessert first,” while famous humorous Erma Bombeck advised, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.” Dessert, it seems, is IMPORTANT. I know when I am preparing read more »

8 Ways Tastefully Simple Meals Kits Are Deliciously Different

8 Ways Tastefully Simple Meals Kits Are Deliciously Different

Posted by Keri M on April 19, 2022

In the musical play, “The Music Man,” there is a rousing number where the citizens of the small town of River City sing in excited anticipation of the arrival of their mail order deliveries via the “Wells Fargo Wagon.” Call me crazy, but I feel a similar thrill when the mail truck drops off a read more »

8 Ways to Ease Your Food Budget

8 Ways to Ease Your Food Budget

Posted by Keri M on April 12, 2022

My 86-year-old auntie recalls standing over a vat of steaming Mason jars as a teenager and declaring, “I’m going to marry a man who can afford store-bought canned goods!” Little could she know that timeless techniques like home canning and food preservation would continue to be a smart strategy for saving money on groceries right read more »

How to Feel Good About Eating Well!

How to Feel Good About Eating Well!

Posted by Keri M on April 5, 2022

When I was a kid, “eating clean” meant washing your hands before supper. These days it has a different meaning. It’s about nourishing ourselves with wholesome, minimally processed foods like fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains and high-quality meats and foods with no artificial ingredients. The clean eating trend has been around for a few years read more »

Bring on the Brookies

Bring on the Brookies

Posted by Keri M on March 22, 2022

They say less is more. But sometimes more is MORE. Case in point: brookie bars, an inspired combination of fudgy brownies and chewy chocolate chip cookies. Double-decker delicious! Tastefully Simple’s new Ultimate Brookie Bar Mix makes it easy to bake up a batch of these layered treats. There’s ultimate … and then there’s BEYOND ultimate. read more »

A Wee Taste O' Ireland

A Wee Taste O’ Ireland

Posted by Keri M on March 10, 2022

Did you know that nearly 10% of Americans claim Irish ancestry? About one-third Irish on my mother’s side, I’ve always loved the culture, and especially the traditional music, of Ireland. The native foods, on the other hand? Apart from potatoes – which I have an apparently genetically-induced obsession for – I’m not very familiar with read more »

A Six-Pack of Cheesy Beer Bread Recipes

Posted by Keri M on February 15, 2022

Archaeologists say humans have been enjoying bread and cheese for at least 7,000 years, making these two staples among the oldest man-made foods. When beer was invented a couple of thousand years later (though some argue that beer came first), it’s a safe bet that some early innovator eventually thought of combining these three fab read more »

Baker's Dozen of Delectable Desserts

Baker’s Dozen of Delectable Desserts

Posted by Keri M on February 10, 2022

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day traditionally associated with chocolate and roses. My own philosophy is, roses fade, but a taste of chocolate is a joy forever. Why not skip the florist this year and present your true love with a bouquet of classy chocolate delights instead? All these scrumptious recipes feature read more »

Bountiful Beer Bread 5 Ways

Bountiful Beer Bread 5 Ways

Posted by Keri M on January 25, 2022

When I started work at Tastefully Simple nearly 20 years ago, I was burdened with a terrible secret: I don’t like beer. Now in most jobs, that wouldn’t be a problem. But since 1995, Tastefully Simple’s best-loved product has been Bountiful Beer Bread Mix®. It’s not hard to see why. Making it is as easy read more »