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Just Chill!

Though I am now a tee-totaler, there was a time in my life when I would very occasionally indulge in an “adult beverage” – namely, a certain fruity, frozen concoction. Margaritas! Decades later, I still remember how pretty it looked in that iconic, double-bowled glass, rimmed with salt.

Back then, margaritas and other frozen beverages weren’t s commonly made at home – it involved too much fuss with crushing ice, chopping up fruit and mixing ingredients, yada yada.

These days, thanks to innovations like Tastefully Simple’s freezer drinks, anyone can serve these super-chill coolers anytime. Simply add the appropriate alcohol to the mix, stir it up and pop in the freezer. Then, anytime you get the urge for a frozen refresher, just pull it out, scoop the slushy mixture into a glass and enjoy!

Even non-drinkers like myself can enjoy these beverages in their non-alcoholic variations. Juicy Watermelon Margarita Mix, stirred together with regular or sparkling water over ice takes me right back to my not-so-wild college days. Increase the festive factor with fun garnishes like watermelon wedges, tiny umbrella picks, skewers of mixed fruits, lime or orange slices or fresh mint leaves. Substitute rum for the tequila and blend in frozen strawberries to make a delightful Watermelon Strawberry Frozen Daquiri.

Watermelon Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri

Traditional Long Island Iced Tea requires a fair knowledge of mixology (and a well-stocked bar), with several different liquors and liqueur, mixers and add-ins. Yikes! Why not simply enjoy Tastefully Simple’s freezer version, Long Island Frozen Drink Mix? Use vodka, rum or gin for flavorful variations on the original. Top it off with a splash of cola and a lemon wedge and raise a glass to summer.

Keep the freezer stocked with Tastefully Simple’s frozen beverage mixes and you’ll be ready to say, “Let’s chill out” anytime!