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Camping Faves

Posted by on June 22, 2021

Whether you like camping, glamping, or just backyard scamping … food just tastes better when it’s cooked outside. My family and I used to be campers, but now we’re pretty much “glampers” – which means we have ditched our tents for a (very) small camper/trailer. We now have many creature comforts like electricity, water, and read more »

8 Campfire Sweets & Snacks

Posted by on June 10, 2021

Hey there, campers! Summer is almost here, and there’s something about the crackle of a campfire that always makes you feel like a kid again. I mean, who doesn’t love roasting gloriously gooey marshmallows or looking up at the starry skies on a warm summer evening, right? But whether you love the great outdoors or read more »

Picnic at the Park

Posted by on June 3, 2021

Summer days call for picnics at the park! My family generally packs a picnic when we are on the go. Fast food isn’t always cheap and usually not very healthy, so I opt for a home-cooked meal packed in the cooler. My mom always packed a cooler growing up, so it’s fun to see my read more »

Campfire Snacks

Campfire Snacks

Posted by on June 29, 2016

Ahhh … summer. In Minnesota, we tend to treasure our summers and take advantage of every possible moment we can enjoy outdoors. One of my favorite things to do with my summer evenings is get together with friends and family and have a campfire. Because my family does a lot of camping, we spend many read more »

Campfire Chicken Gyros

Campfire Chicken Gyros

Posted by on July 29, 2015

I absolutely love grilling and cooking over a campfire in the summer. But sometimes it can get a little repetitive, especially when trying to keep it simple for camping trips or busy weeknight dinners. I mean, you really can only have burgers and hot dogs so many times before you are bored and craving a read more »

Chicken Sausage Foil-Pack Dinner

Chicken Sausage Foil-Pack Dinner

Posted by on July 21, 2015

I’m the typical mom of two – running here and there for baseball, softball, basketball camps, volleyball, swimming – all after working a very full day. I often have no idea what’s for dinner until I get home and have very little time to prepare it. This recipe is perfect for those busy weeknights when read more »

S'more Cake

S’more Cake

Posted by on July 14, 2015

Sweet desserts like s’mores are one of my favorite summer treats! The three ingredients are considered staples in our home. In the summer, we often have a small fire after dinner and enjoy one of our family’s favorite treats. Sometimes, however, I like to mix things up. To beat the summer heat, we grabbed our read more »