Let’s Roll!

FACT: Things that are rolled, swirled, twisted or spun are FUN! So today, I’m going to share FIVE bold, rolled (and often extolled!) recipes that bring pinwheel panache to the party.

First up–Minnesota Sushi! This adorable appetizer is the stuff of our Scanda-hoovian roots up here in the northland. Ham, cream cheese and pickles are wrapped up and sliced to create this cute comfort food. See the full recipe here.

In fact, this one is so fun we have featured it in a video – take a look:

Looking for Low-Carb? Try our Tex-Mex Beef Pinwheels!

How about an Air Fryer Appetizer? These Pizza Pinwheels also make a great after school snack.

Meal prep these delicious Lasagna Roll-Ups and freeze them. That way you will have them on hand for a quick and tasty dinner – they can be baked from frozen!

For a swirly-whirly treat, try our sweet Cinnamon Swirls.

So get READY to ROLL with some twirly Tastefully Simple recipes this weekend!



PS: You can roll up these tasty breakfast enchiladas in minutes, and they feature our Fiesta Party Seasoning which is on special this month!

Tip: if you don’t have hard boiled eggs…use scrambled. 😊