Sally Sue doesn't have any open parties

Cooking and baking have always been a big part of my life. When I was younger I worked in catering, and now as a husband and a father of six, I am always cooking. I started feeling like a short order cook, since it seemed none of my children would be willing to eat the same things. That all changed when I found Tastefully Simple!

Back in February, my husband and I attended a virtual Tastefully Simple party – and fell in love with the products. So did our kids: suddenly my cooking became a hit in this household (Makin’ Magic Chicken is a particular favorite of everyone here.)

Then we hosted our own successful party. Our passion for the products, coupled with the fact that my husband was laid off due to COVID-19, spurred us both to become a consultants. We thought we would do it for the discount … but it turned into something we never expected.

Our business is conducted 100% online. It works well for us and our clients, both because of the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings and also because clients can shop and participate at their convenience. There are many advantages: hosts and guests can invite friends and family from all over the country, not just an immediate small group of people. Hosts don’t have to set up prior and clean up after. Our parties are Tastefully Simple! The current plan is to continue 100% virtually even if in-person tastings become a thing again.

My husband and I have created a VIP Client group space that we invite our hosts and guests to join after the parties. That’s where we really create wonderful relationships with them. It is a place where we don’t push any sales; instead, we make our clients feel like friends and family. We started the group in May and are already approaching 400 members. We share recipes, meals and pictures of our families. We do a LIVE hang-out session via Facebook on Tuesday evenings to just hang out with our TS peeps. It’s a time to ask them how their day is going, how they are liking their products and just have fun. People say it’s a wonderful break from reality and the first time they smiled or laughed for the day. We have had people who are strangers become friends via our group and now talk daily, share meals and invite each other to their friends’ upcoming parties

Tastefully Simple has allowed me to fall in love with cooking and baking again. I was getting burnt out on cooking the same 3-5 meals that no one wanted to eat. Now, mealtime is not only simplified but I literally use the seasonings and sauces in every meal. These products have pushed me to explore so many different facets of mealtime that I have never even thought of. I am forever grateful for how Tastefully Simple has changed the way I cook. I am grateful for the lasting relationships I’ve developed with other consultants, clients and my team.

Tastefully Simple is an absolutely wonderful company. The products are amazing and the atmosphere is so fun. Customer service is top-notch. Anytime there is an issue with anything, the company is on top of it and so friendly! That means a lot. I speak about everyone at Tastefully Simple HQ to my clients all the time. I also love the that Founder & CEO Jill Blashack Strahan is so involved in the day-to-day operations even after 25 years. The fact that she does Facebook Live events and makes herself so accessible really speaks volumes. Our family absolutely loves EVERYTHING about Tastefully Simple!

If you’d like to learn how to make meals your family loves AND make cash to create a life you love, check out the Tastefully Simple opportunity here.

Frank Rice (OH)
Bronze Leader