Sally Sue doesn't have any open parties

Maybe you think of Tastefully Simple as a home party company. You’re right! Or maybe you heard Tastefully Simple is doing online parties. You’re right! Perhaps Tastefully Simple makes you think of fundraisers or pop-up events. Ding! Ding! Right AGAIN!

The fact is, Tastefully Simple is all these things and more. We started in 1995 as an in-home party company offering tastings of delicious, easy-to-prepare foods – and many of our consultants are still having great success with that model.

But times change, and so do lifestyles. Tastefully Simple has adapted to offer maximum flexibility in how our consultants choose to work their businesses. Our mission is to help others create a life they love, and that means offering the freedom to run your business, your way.

Here are just a few ways people like you are earning cash and having fun as an independent Tastefully Simple business owner:

1. Online parties. Over the past year, this option has exploded in popularity as consultants learned they can offer their clients an enjoyable, informative experience right from their own homes. From Facebook parties to Zoom events, guests are getting great ideas and strategies to make mealtimes and entertaining less stressful and more delicious. Bonus: Their products can be delivered right to their doors!

2. Website sales. New consultants get a free two-month subscription to their own personal webpage that allows their clients to order their favorite products, schedule a party or even start their own business.

3. Meal prep workshops. Ideal for people who love to share their passion for delicious, time-saving meals. Who doesn’t like that these days? Share with clients the ease of meal planning while prepping dishes for the week or for the freezer! Workshops can be held in-person or online.

4. Events and “pop-up” opportunities. There are a huge variety of fairs, festivals and other opportunities for consultants to “set up shop” for a a few hours, a day or multiple days, in accordance with Tastefully Simple Business Policies.

5. Fundraisers. Partner with groups to meet their fundraising goals. From school and church organizations to local service clubs, the possibilities are endless.

6. Business gift sales. Many business are looking for client and employee gift ideas. Business accounts offer the potential of high-volume sales and long-term business partnerships.

Are you beginning to see just how well a Tastefully Simple business could work with your lifestyle? If so, you’re RIGHT!

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