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Who couldn’t use little more cash?
Who wouldn’t enjoy a life with more flavor?
Who doesn’t want to have more fun?

The truth is, even people who are pretty satisfied with their lives sometimes dream of something more. It’s not about being greedy; it’s about creating a life you truly love. Maybe you’d like to take a bite out of some debt or enjoy a family vacation. Perhaps you’re hungry for greater social interaction with friends and family. Or you could be craving simpler, more delicious meals and less stressful entertaining.

Whatever YOUR “more” is, you might find a Tastefully Simple business of your own can satisfy that desire. Becoming an independent consultant allows you to take control of your time – and your income.

You’ll offer an in-demand product (everybody eats!) and provide the added value of helping your clients make their lives more flavorful with our products and recipes. You can even help them enjoy more flavor, cash and fun by inviting them to join your team.

Not a natural-born salesperson? No problem! Your business comes with a full support team cheering on your success, providing guidance and training to increase your confidence and skills. You can even sell directly through your own Tastefully Simple webpage and do parties in person or online.

Here are a few things you WON’T have as a Tastefully Simple consultant:

  • monthly sales quotas – you decide when and how much you sell.
  • lots of inventory to purchase and store – your Business Blast Off Kit includes everything you need to start partying right away.
  • a huge start-up investment – you can join for as little as $49 with our Starter Business Blast Off Kit (if you plan to offer mostly online parties) or $99 for our full Business Blast Off Kit if you want to do tasting parties, workshops, fundraisers and vendor events as well.

Along with flavor, cash and fun, a Tastefully Simple business can give you something else: satisfaction. You’ll feel good about offering high-quality, wholesome (more than 85% of our products are clean label) foods that improve the lives of your clients. You’ll feel proud to be an entrepreneur building a successful business. And you’ll bask in the spotlight when you are honored for your achievements and earn rewards like free vacations.

There are many more reasons a Tastefully Simple business might just be the right choice for you. To learn more, contact your consultant or visit and explore all the ways life can be more delicious!