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Beer Bread

More than two decades ago, I attended my first Tastefully Simple party. I purchased Bountiful Beer Bread MixSpinach & Herb Seasoning and Nana’s Apple Cake Mix. I was so impressed with what I tasted that I even took a slice of beer bread home for my husband to try. Along with the delicious products, I also “bought in” to the business opportunity – especially the flexible schedule that allowed me to make money from home while caring for my children. Nothing could replace that! So I became Tastefully Simple’s 32nd consultant and over the years my business grew along with the company. I am currently a Diamond Leader with a strong and passionate team! The incredible friendships I have made are truly a treasure – especially with my sponsor and best friend, Betty Evans.

Over the years, I’ve seen some changes to Tastefully Simple and how I work my business. One of the biggest was transitioning from having product on hand to sell directly at parties to a no-inventory model. Frankly, I was concerned about how this might affect my sales, as my clients were used to taking their products home the night of the party. However, since I was pregnant with my second child, it felt like a good time to stop carrying crates of products to parties. Everything went well and my hosts and clients were pleased with the fast shipping. Some changes require an adjustment in thinking, but without them we wouldn’t have been able to grow.

Originally, I saw my business as an opportunity to get out a few nights a month while my husband played softball. Over time it became a significant part of our household income and a way for me to be home with my children. People who join my team have their own “whys” for starting their businesses: some want the discount, while others want to grow a team or earn incentives. As their leader, I meet each one where they are and train, motivate and recognize them for their achievements along the way.

As someone who has been with this company for most of its existence, I can honestly say today is one of the best times to start a Tastefully Simple business. You can start for less than $50 with the Starter Business Blast Off Kit® and have access to so many tools to help you get rolling as well as the Fast Start program to earn extra cash. There are so many avenues to sell these days: in-person tastings, online Facebook parties, Freezer Meal Workshops and fundraisers. Everyone can be a client – we only sell to people who eat!

Holly Munsterteiger (MN)
Diamond Leader