“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality,” said Warren G. Bennis. My name is Kelly Wenzel, and with Tastefully Simple, each year’s vision has successfully built upon the previous one to bring me to my present reality. I have been a consultant for 11years, becoming a full-time consultant and team leader three years ago, and I have never looked back! I was a top sponsor in 2020 and 2021, the 2020 recipient of the Spirit of Tastefully Simple Award, and the proud leader of the Flavor Fox Team. Setting goals, constantly innovating and developing others’ potential has led to success.

Tony Robbins so eloquently stated, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” This rings so true. The beginning and sustained success of direct sales businesses emerge from those initial goals, and it was definitely true when it came to the sponsoring aspect of my Tastefully Simple business this past year. It is always my objective to improve every aspect of my business one year to the next. Therefore, it was my goal to repeat the 2020 Top Sponsor accomplishment – and I did!

However, it is about so much more than personal satisfaction; it is about watching new members of my team reach heights they never thought possible. This is achieved by both offering advice and, first and foremost, by listening. Who is this potential new consultant? What in this person’s life makes a Tastefully Simple business a solid possibility? What questions can I answer to guide the process?

After all of this, I can then explain the extensive opportunities we have to offer. This plan to obtain and sustain sponsorship through listening first, then advising, has not failed me.

Admittedly, this past year presented some additional challenges. When COVID-19 hit, I remained firm in my sponsorship goal, and I had to be flexible in my method. What used to be largely in-person join conversations had to adjust to the times. I had to make people comfortable within their personal situations, which often meant phone calls, messaging and sometimes even a text or two. I also began offering two “Discovery” Zoom calls a month, where members of my team and I would invite potential consultants into a 30-minute sharing session to discuss and answer questions about our Tastefully Simple business. After the Zoom, I follow up with a personal phone call so that the potential consultant canreally delve into questions, concerns, and ultimately, a decision about joining the team.

Our team comprises a broad spectrum of folks. I look for anyone who wants something more out of life. These people range from shy to outgoing, are stay-at-home moms or dads or work full time, are empty-nesters or full-housers. For some, it provides a fun way to have more time with grown-ups. For others, it becomes an effective way to supplement the family income or provide much needed spending cash. New consultants may even come in the form of people who previously were not ready to join us, but a change in circumstance led them back. We do not look like just one thing!

When new consultants come onboard, they jumpstart and sustain success by working with their sponsor immediately to get the business started. This begins the process of setting up a full calendar to reach the Fast Start Bonus allowing for the opportunity to earn $250 in bonus cash on top of sales commission. This is the foundation for long-term success. 

I ask new consultants to participate in every training and team challenge available – this supports personal and profitable growth. Additionally, we always must remember TYBD: Touch Your Business Daily. Consistency wins! A Tastefully Simple business is like riding a bike; the more consistently you work (pedal) at it, the easier things get and the more success you have. Lastly, I coach consultants to move beyond family and friend circles as soon as possible for exponential business growth.

Ultimately, Tastefully Simple is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a more delicious life. It offers flexibility to fit into anyone’s hectic life, there are opportunities to meet new people and grow friendships, the additional income is great and the products are delicious, so they are easy to promote. Additionally, everyone eats, which makes everyone potential client! It’s easy and cost-effective to get started with the Starter Business Blast-Off Kit® for $49+tax. And did I mention the FREE incentive trips that consultants can earn? 

Consultants are rewarded with income, bonuses and other perks in proportion to their efforts – in essence, the sky’s the limit! Now is the time to come join us! As motivational speaker Michelle Pohler says, “What’s the best that can happen?!”

Kelly Wenzel (OH)
Platinum Leader

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