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Chai it! You’ll Like It!

Hey, y’all … it’s fall!  And crispness in the air means coziness in the cup, so grab a sweatshirt because Oh My − we have Chai!

It’s a cozy blend of black tea, cinnamon and spices, and it’s delicious served warm or blended with ice. Just add water or milk. Skip the coffeehouse drive-thru and stir up your favorite bevvie at home.

And here are a few fun and easy ways to Chai up lots of things …

  • Mix it with whipped topping and dollop it onto Nana’s Apple Cake®.
  • Blend it into your favorite cream cheese frosting to top carrot cake.
  • Mix 3 tablespoons into Ah, Sugar Sugar!™ Cookie Mix before baking.
  • Whip 3 tablespoons into any instant pudding before chilling.
  • Add 3 tablespoons to malts or milkshakes.
  • Sprinkle it on buttered toast or add it to French toast batter.
  • Top coffee or cocoa with a dollop of whipped topping, then sprinkle it with Oh My! Chai.
  • Stir it into hot chocolate.
  • For delicious after-dinner drinks, add a splash of butterscotch or peppermint schnapps.

Check out these brilliant new ways to use your Chai!

Snack Mix (Oh My YES!) »

There are SO MANY ways to try your Chai!

Chai it! You’ll like it!

Don’t be shy with your Chai!

Ha! I crack me up … but Chai love you 😊 and I wouldn’t steer you wrong.



 PS: Check out Jacki P’s recipe for Chai Pumpkin Dip…it’s great with Twisty Grahams!