National Frappe Day

Have you ever driven out of your way to get a luscious, frosty frappé from your local coffee shop? Maybe you *sneak* over there? Maybe you can’t believe how much they cost?  Maybe the dang line is half way to Timbuktu and you can’t understand why EVERYONE has to be there too?

Well, friend … we’ve all been there. The time, the guilt, the price tag − but it’s SO delicious, it’s irresistible! And guess what? You can make ’em at home! For all of the flavor but a fraction of the money and time, we have not one but TWO DIY frappés for you to try:

Turtle Coffee Coolers

Just four simple ingredients and you are minutes away from a delicious frozen concoction that will definitely go into your regular rotation. Caramel Mocha Mudslides

Perfect for evening, because these have a couple of liqueur shots to liven things up.

These are just in time for National Frappé Day on October 7.  So grab your blender and get ready to zing some up. Invite your friends and celebrate National Frappe Day the easy way!



PS: Here’s a pro-tip: Drizzle the top with Creamy Caramel Sauce to make it a little “extra.”

PPS: I simply have to mention our S’mores Martini

and this fantastic Fireside Sipper. They are not frappés, but they ARE delish!