5 Non-Soup Ways to Enjoy Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix

For previous generations, making homemade soup was often an all-day affair, with chicken boiled to make stock, veggies laboriously washed and chopped, noodles mixed up, rolled out, cut and set aside to dry before the whole kit ‘n kaboodle was dumped into a big pot to simmer for hours. And at the end of the marathon, what you had was … soup. Great soup, to be fair, but it tended to produce soup enough for days and days of leftovers. Who really loves soup THAT much?

I’ve come to appreciate a good soup mix, because in addition to offering a shortcut to soups with a from-scratch taste, soup mixes can be the foundation for lots of other delicious dishes. Case in point: Tastefully Simple’s Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix.

If you’re looking for a hearty, creamy potato soup, this is absolutely the go-to. Just add water and simmer 30 minutes and bam! Soup’s on!

What really gives this mix its souper-powers, though, is its versatility. Here are five ways to make this soup REALLY eat like a meal!

1.    Slow Cooker Chicken a’ la King. Throw the ingredients in the slow cooker to cook all day, then pair with frozen buttermilk biscuits for a dinner that, in the words of one reviewer, “the family will fight over the last serving!”

2.    Beer Cheese Fondue. Whether its tailgating or game day at home, this so-simple beer cheese fondue is a winner. Hint: Serve with cubed Bountiful Beer Bread to score extra points with your sports fans.

3.    Sausage & Potatoes. Another slow cooker sensation, this kielbasa and potato combo is a hit for potlucks or weeknight dinners.

4.    Cheddar & Spinach Egg Strata. Here’s a dish for brunch that packs a punch! This easy-to-assemble strata is sure to impress.

5.    Perfectly Potato Cheddar Pancakes. Surprise! It’s worth heating up the griddle for this hearty option for breakfast or any meal.

You’ll find even more delicious recipes featuring Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix at tastefullysimple.com/recipes. Be sure to check out Tastefully Simple’s popular Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix and new Savory Chicken Soup Mix too!