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Howlin' for Horseradish

For a lowly root, horseradish has an impressive history. People have been eating it for at least 3,000 years, and in Greek legend, the Oracle of Delphi told the god Apollo it’s worth its weight in gold. Over the centuries, it’s been used as a treatment for everything from kidney stones to the common cold. It was one of the first plants introduced to the New World by European colonists.

Nowadays, horseradish (the “horse” refers to it’s potent flavor, as in “strong as a horse”) is mostly used as a condiment, and Tastefully Simple’s Howlin’ Horseradish Dip Mix might just be the most convenient way to add the sharp flavor to your diet.

Naturally, Howlin’ Horseradish Dip Mix makes a fabulous dip mixed with sour cream and mayonnaise. And there’s so much MORE this pop-o-flavor-packed shaker jar can do to pep up your favorite dishes. For example …

  • Dollop prepared dip on top of prime rib, slather on a juicy steak or use as a dipper for skewered Beef Bites.
  •  Shake a little over deviled eggs.
  • Use as a flavorful sauce on backed chicken breasts (Tip: Try this Howlin’ Chicken recipe for an easy weeknight entrée.)

Check out even more ideas for Howlin’ Horseradish Dip Mix at You might just decide it really IS worth its weight in gold!