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Cranberry Orange for the Holidays

My dad was a colorful speaker. One of his frequent expressions was to refer to someone as being “busier than a cranberry merchant.” Nobody understood what that meant exactly, but it always made me smile.

If those who trade in cranberry commodities DO have a busy season, it would be now. Largely out of sight for most of the year, the lowly cranberry (one of only three cultivated fruits native to North America) comes into its own around the holidays. Whether strung as a garland around the Christmas tree or mashed into a tart sauce, the red berry is a bright symbol of the festive season.

Similarly, sunny oranges have long been associated with the holidays, in former times an exotic treat found in the toe of a Christmas stocking. These days, cranberries and oranges are now often found together in delicious sweet ‘n tart dishes and baked goods adoring the holiday table.

Tastefully Simple’s Cranberry Orange Bread with Glaze Mix is a delightful choice to showcase this flavor combo – in so many delicious ways! Try these festive ideas:

Cranberry Orange Breakfast Bread. Bake as directed  and serve Christmas morning. Hint: Bake in the Silicone Loaf Pan for a pretty presentation.

Cranberry Orange Biscotti. This easy-to-make version of the Italian favorite are delightful for dunking in hot coffee of Oh My! Chai®.

Cranberry Orange Pancakes. Here’s a sunny way to greet the day! Tip: Serve with orange syrup or cranberry sauce.
Cranberry Orange Trifle. Looking for an impressive holiday dessert? Here it is! These individual-sized trifles are so pretty and elegant, yet so easy.

This holiday season, create a new spin on traditional flavors with Cranberry Orange Bread with Glaze Mix!