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A Superior Seasoned Salt

Growing up, I thought seasoned salt was supposed to be orange. That’s what we had in the cupboard over the stove, taken out a few times a year when chicken was about to be grilled. As far as I know, that same jar of orange dust was sprinkled over all the poultry I consumed age 1-18. Yikes.

These days, there’s a different shaker jar in my cupboard – and it gets a lot heavier use than grilled chicken. In fact, I use it on virtually everything I cook in place of regular table salt. This miracle seasoning is Tastefully Simple’s 5-star rated Seasoned Salt.

What differentiates this Seasoned Salt from the ones you find on grocery shelves? SO MUCH GOODNESS. It’s a TS EatWell product, which means there’s nothing artificial in the jar – just a precise blend of real ingredients, including sea salt, red and green bell peppers, celery, garlic and onion. There’s even a bit of paprika, in case you can’t live without the orange!

I use it to enhance the flavor of everything from veggies to meats, eggs and yes, even chicken. Here are just a few examples of dishes made magnificent by a couple shakes of Seasoned Salt:

Sautéed Green Beans. The blandest of vegetables pops with flavor when given the TS Seasoned Salt treatment.

Easy Veggie Dip. This is a quick and easy way to make ANY raw veggie more appealing. Try it with carrot sticks, celery, cucumber slices and sliced peppers as an on-the-go snack cup!

Egg & Onion Avocado Toast. Seasoned Salt adds bright flavor to this healthful breakfast option.

Vidalia Onion Chicken Thighs. I couldn’t omit a grilled chicken recipe! This one pairs savory Vidalia Onion Dressing with a Seasoned Salt kick for ultimate delicious.

If you’re looking for a gift or stocking stuffer for someone who’s a good cook (or someone who needs a bit of help in the cooking department!), consider the Pocket Pack, a duo of mini shakers of Seasoned Salt and its perfect partner, Seasoned Pepper. Another smart choice: the Spice It Up! Sampler, which includes mini shakers of six essential seasonings. Great for newlyweds, college kids, RVers and anyone who deserves a little more delicious in their life!