Easy DIY Fruit Pizza Turkey

If you’re looking for a fun way to eat your fruit for the big turkey day coming up, try making this turkey fruit pizza!

1.    Grab a box of Ah, Sugar, Sugar! Cookie Mix and make the cookies according to the prep instructions on the box. Set aside cookies to cool.

2.    Mix 8 ounces softened cream cheese into a packet of Sugar Cookie Cheese Ball Mix and put the cheese ball mixture into a zip lock bag. Cut off one of the bottom corners and pipe onto the sugar cookies.

3.    Use any assorted washed and cut fruit to top the fruit pizzas with.

Making the turkey is easy! All you need is a pear, a orange and a strawberry.

How to

1.    Slice the pear in half and  and place cut-side down on a platter.

2.    Cut little feet and a nose out of an orange peel. Use a strawberry for its wattle. I used little pieces of blackberry for the eyes, but you could easily use blueberries or candy eyes too!

Arrange the sugar cookie fruit pizzas in lines as “feathers” around the turkey pear “body” on the platter. Set it out and watch it get gobbled up!

Turkey Fruit Pizza

The great part of fruit pizza is that you can easy make the cookie and cheese ball mixture a day or two ahead. Give your kids the cut up fruit and have them make the fruit pizzas – I’m sure they’ll love helping out!