11 Warm & Cozy Winter Dinners

Minnesota is a beautiful place, filled with sparkling lakes, majestic trees and rolling hills. But every winter, we hit a stretch of
-20°F temperatures (for the HIGH, I might add), and we wonder why we live where the air hurts our faces.

That time in the wintry tundra is officially here, friends.

The silver lining: a sub-zero cold snap can be the perfect excuse to stay inside, curl up with a good book and make a warm, cozy home-cooked dinner. But what if you need a little inspiration when it comes to stirring up some delicious comfort food? Here are 11 of our favorite dishes, guaranteed to warm you down to your toes – all winter long!

1. Chicken Enchilada Soup. Tender chicken. Sweet corn. Hearty black beans. Perfect for chilly winter days, this restaurant-style soup will become a family favorite. Plus, you can let it simmer away all day in your slow cooker!

Feel free to personalize it with your favorite toppings, too, from crushed tortilla chips to chopped avocado. 

2. Balsamic Pot Roast. This classic pot roast makes a meltingly tender one-dish dinner, complete with slow-roasted Portobello mushrooms, carrots and onions.

Serve with dinner rolls, garden salad and a glass of wine.

3. Garlic Linguine with Sausage & Kale. Tossed with savory garlic, chopped kale, spicy Italian sausage and freshly grated Romano cheese, this easy dish is a lighter alternative to some of those traditional creamy casseroles. Ready in only 30 minutes, it’s a wonderful dinner for weeknights, too!  

Tip: if hot Italian sausage is a little too spicy for you (or your kiddos), substitute the mild variety instead.

4. Roasted Pork Loin with Balsamic Berry Sauce. I mean, come on … isn’t this gorgeous?

Drizzled with a balsamic berry reduction, this juicy roasted pork loin makes a perfect winter meal. Serve it with sautéed green beans, roasted delicata squash or garlic mashed potatoes.

5. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken. Winner winner, chicken dinner! Sweet and tangy, these succulent chicken thighs get all golden-crispy on the outside but stay juicy on the inside. They make a simple and delicious family meal!

Pair yours with a brown rice medley or roasted veggies.   

6. Slow Cooker Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli. Who needs take-out? You can make your own deliciously tender beef at home, slow-simmered with broccoli, sweet teriyaki and garlic.

At our house, we love to toss in a few extra veggies, too, like baby corn, sweet bell peppers or sliced water chestnuts.

7. Pull-Apart Cheesy Pizza Sliders. Keep it family-style with these oven-baked sliders, loaded with pepperoni, marinara, sausage and plenty of melty cheese. Always a kid favorite!

8. Triple Meat & Bean Wahoo! Chili. On a cold winter day, you can’t beat a bubbling kettle of warm, hearty chili. Perfect for meat lovers, this beautifully balanced chili is brimming with bacon, ground beef and Italian sausage.

Try it with fresh-baked corn bread or biscuits.

9. Bayou Bourbon and Beer Brisket. Love your Instant Pot®? It’s easy to make this marvelously fork-tender brisket with your multi-cooker!

With deep, rich hints of bourbon, beer and onion, this delicious dish pairs perfectly with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. 

10. Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings. Of course, when it comes to comfort food, it’s hard to top the combination of home-style chicken and dumplings.

Made with your slow cooker, this creamy twist on a classic favorite is really easy to make, too! 

11. Wahoo! Chicken Lasagna. Last but not least, try this gloriously gooey goodness, layered with chicken, cheese, tortillas and a hint of Southwestern spices. Perfect for chasing the chill away!

Remember, you can find tons of easy dinner recipes on our website, too. When it comes to delicious ideas, we’re just getting warmed up!

Happy (and cozy) cooking, friends!