Archaeologists say humans have been enjoying bread and cheese for at least 7,000 years, making these two staples among the oldest man-made foods. When beer was invented a couple of thousand years later (though some argue that beer came first), it’s a safe bet that some early innovator eventually thought of combining these three fab flavors into one culinary masterpiece: cheesy beer bread!

This mini history lesson is simply to introduce you to my favorite recipes for this savory quick bread, made super-easy with Tastefully Simple’s famous Bountiful Beer Bread Mix!

A Six-Pack of Cheesy Beer Bread Recipes

1. Bacon Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread.

Bacony flavor and sharp Cheddar blend perfectly in this five-star-rated bread. Serve it as an accompaniment to your favorite pasta recipe or with hot soup. Bonus: it makes fantastic Cheddar biscuits, too!

2. Best Beer Bread Ever.

It’s a bold claim – but in this case, it might just be true! Parmesan is the cheese in this recipe, which gets a savory flavor boost from Garlic Garlic and Onion Onion Seasonings. As one fan raved, “Takes a great bread to the next level!”

3. Little Italy Bread Recipe.

Another top-rated recipe, this version incorporates crumbled sausage and Romano or Parmesan cheese into the batter. How’s it taste? “O.M.G!,” exclaimed one reviewer. “Always the first thing gone at parties.” Tip: Serve with warmed Mama Mia Marinara Sauce for dipping.

4. Cheesy Onion Onion Muffins.

Serve these Cheddary muffins with chili, stew or as a savory addition to a brunch menu. “Phenomenal!” one reviewer declared.

5. Bountiful Cheesy Pepperoni Bread.

It’s like pizza, but in handy bread form! Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni pack this five-star-rated bread, which one reviewer called, “Sooo good. Would recommend it to anyone!”

6. Mexican Beer Bread.

Looking for something different for Cinco de Mayo? This five-star “corn bread” is rich with Cheddar cheese, green chiles, cornmeal and creamed corn. “Best Mexican Corn Bread EVER!” said one reviewer.

BONUS: If you prefer your beer bread and cheese equal, but separate, try this combo, perfect for game day gatherings:

Beer Cheese Fondue with Bountiful Beer Bread Crostini.

Creamy, melty beer cheese fondue and crispy beer crostini are a winning duo for any gathering.