Dreamy Orange Desserts

Have you seen Tastefully Simple’s new seasonal products yet? They are all so tasty! Cooking and baking with these new flavors is always exciting for me I also love looking through the recipes you can create with these products. For instance, delicious Malt Mix can make malts and also be used in making pancakes – delicious! Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper Cheese Ball Mix can also be made into a chicken marinade – so good!

I’m particularly excited about some new recipes for the Orange Dreamsicle™ Quick Cake Mix. I love these quick cake mixes because they only take a minute to stir up and a minute to cook. They are great when the kids want a treat and I don’t feel like making a full pan of bars or a few dozen cookies.

Our go-to is whipping up a quick cake in a mug. Just prep the batter according to directions in a mug and microwave it for a minute. Easy-peasy and little clean-up!

The fun part? If you buy the Donut Bites Large Kit or the Donut Bites Mini Kit, you get quick cake mixes plus a microwavable mini donut pan.

Looking for a little breakfast treat? You can make this quick cake mix into scones – really! They just require the addition of a little flour, cold butter, milk and cranberries. Microwave to perfection, all under 10 minutes! Making these with my kids reminded me of my Easy-Bake Oven® days. The recipe makes 4 scones that pair nicely with some breakfast tea. Grab the full recipe here >

Make Orange Dreamsicle Quick Cheesecake. This recipe makes two little cheesecakes that can be two servings or split each cheesecake in half for a lighter dessert option.

I’m a fan of this new quick cake mix and I think you’ll be too!