Bacon Pepper Corn, BBQ Bacon Pork Tenderloin, Bacon Pepper Jam over Cream Cheese

You know that game where you try to link actor Kevin Bacon with any other celebrity within six connections? It’s a fun intellectual exercise, but frankly, I prefer to make my connections with actual bacon. In recognition of National Bacon Day, here are a half dozen fun facts (from about everyone’s favorite salt-cured meat, along with six delicious recipes that celebrate the deliciousness that is BACON.

Fun Fact 1: Bacon was invented by the Chinese around 1,500 BC, making it one of the world’s oldest processed foods. The Romans learned about bacon making during their conquests and spread it throughout the Empire. Viva baconi!*

Tasty Bacon Recipe 1: BBQ Bacon Pork Tenderloin.

Succulent pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and brushed liberally with Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce. It’s what the Romans would have had for Sunday dinner, if the Romans had invented barbecue sauce.

Fun Fact 2: The average American eats about 18 pounds of bacon a year. That’s three pounds more than a standard bowling ball – and a lot more yummy.

Tasty Bacon Recipe 2: Bacon & Brie Grilled Cheese.

If you’re jonesin’ for heavenly bacon flavor, then Bacon Pepper Jam is your, well, jam. This recipe takes the grilled cheese sandwich WAY past the next level, with creamy brie smothered with Bacon Pepper Jam between slices of artisan bread and toasted to golden goodness. Tip: If you want to up your bacon quotient still further, substitute Bacon Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread for the artisan bread.

Fun Fact 3: In the Middle Ages, a man who swore to God that he and his wife had not argued for a year and a day would receive a side of bacon for keeping the peace. This is the origin of the phrase, “Bringing home the bacon,” and it is a public policy I endorse bringing back.

Tasty Bacon Recipe 3: Bacon Swiss Mushrooms.

This easy, yet impressive appetizer features Swiss cheese, Garlic Garlic Seasoning and Bacon Bacon, otherwise known as tasty bacon flavor in a handy shaker jar.

Fun Fact 4: Bacon sales were in decline in 1980s, until a fast food chain created a bacon-intensive burger to remind people that bacon is their friend.

Tasty Bacon Recipe 4: Smokehouse BBQ Burgers.

No need to hit the drive-thru to reach bacon cheeseburger heaven. This hearty grilled burger gets a tangy jolt of flavor from Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce and a delightful crunch from a topping of French fried onions. Tip: Use the handy 3-in-1 Burger Press to make perfectly shaped patties, stuffed burgers and sliders.

Fun Fact 5: If you’re into bacon and the great outdoors, you can attend Bacon Camp in Michigan, where you’ll learn bacon lore and techniques from professional chefs.

Tasty Bacon Recipe 5: Bacon Pepper Corn.

Can’t get the kids to eat their veggies? Try this recipe, which peps up standard corn with a zippy Bacon Pepper Jam sauce.

Fun fact 6: It has to end this way: In 2010, an artist carved a block of Styrofoam and covered it with bacon bits to create … wait for it … a statue of actor Kevin Bacon MADE from bacon that fetched a tidy $4,000 on eBay. (That will buy 551 pounds of bacon at today’s prices.)

Tasty Bacon Recipe 6: Bacon Bacon Pasta Salad.

Speaking of bacony bits, Bacon Bacon makes this simple recipe perfect for those end-of-summer picnics, and is sure to be the star of the Bacon Camp reunion potluck!

What is YOUR relationship with bacon, and how do you nurture it with delicious recipes? I’d love to hear your ideas!


*Actually, the Latin word for bacon is petaso, but that’s a lot less fun than baconi.