Beer bread is great all on its own, and pairs with many entrees and side dishes, making it the perfect complement any meal. You can also choose the flavor of your beer bread depending on the type of beer you use or by varying your beer bread recipe.

Here are a few dishes that partner deliciously with beer bread:


The slightly sweet taste of beer bread pairs perfectly with the spiciness of chili. This duo makes a warm and comforting meal, perfect for cool weather. Hint: Substitute beer bread with any meal you would ordinarily serve with cornbread.

Stews & Soups

Beer bread, with its dense texture, is a great choice alongside stews and soups, because it will hold up to dunking and is so much better than crackers!

Dips, Oils and Spreads

Again, due to its dense texture, beer bread goes perfectly with dips and spreads. Serve up a thick slice with your favorite spread or cube a loaf to use as an appetizer with your favorite dip or dipping oil.


Think brisket, chicken, ribs, steaks, pork loin – all pair wonderfully with a slice of beer bread.


When you’re trying to keep it lighter, pair beer bread with your favorite salad. We highly recommend Caesar salad! Tip: Check out the recipe for Bountiful Beer Bread Croutons.


Change up your beer bread by adding garlic and parmesan cheese to replace bread sticks when you serve your next pasta dish.

Charcuterie and cheeses

Here’s an easy entertaining idea: Cube up some beer bread for your charcuterie board and a partner it with a bottle of your favorite wine. Beer bread pairs perfectly with many cheeses.


Use beer bread for your next panini, melt or grilled cheese sandwich.

Breakfast and brunch

Add some honey or cinnamon-sugar to sweeten your beer bread and serve in place of pancakes or toast at breakfast. Tip: Substitute a fruit-flavored or citrus carbonated beverage for the beer when making a breakfast bread. Mix dried fruits (e.g., cranberries, chopped apricots) and chopped nuts into the batter before baking.

Things to consider when pairing beer bread with other dishes:


The texture of beer bread is denser than normal bread, so it generally pairs well with liquid-y foods like soups or saucy pastas. In general, you can replace any bread with beer bread; however, you might not want to pair it with something that you’d normally serve with a light, flaky croissant.


Beer bread goes great with many spicy foods and can even help calm your taste buds when they’re stimulated by foods with a lot of heat, like spicy chili.

Flavor intensity

Depending on the flavor profile of the beer used to make it, the taste of beer bread can range from mild and slightly sweet to bold. Pair stronger-flavored beer bread with dishes that can stand up to that taste and avoid pairing it with delicately-flavored dishes.

Whatever is on the menu for dinner tonight, beer bread just might be the flavorful accompaniment that makes the meal really special!

– kgm