Hey friends – did you know that the simplest thing to make for Thanksgiving is the turkey? It’s true. Just three ingredients, a few hours in the oven and bam! Delicious turkey! It features our expertly blended Rustic Herb Seasoning which I like to call “Thanksgiving in a jar.”

And if turkey’s not your thing, glazed ham is just as easy, especially when you take a break from honey ham (yawn …) and try our AMAZING Champagne Glazed Ham! Again, just three simple ingredients and less than an hour in the oven. This one features our Champagne Jelly (it sparkles!) and our homey Cinnamon Apple Seasoning.

Here are the recipes for both:

Try this Rustic Herb Turkey
Rustic Herb Turkey
Try this Champagne Glazed Ham
Champagne Glazed Ham

If you want to see just how easy it is, take a look at the replay of our November 3 Facebook Live.

Want more ways to enjoy your Champagne Jelly? Here’s a video loaded with ideas:

And if you are looking for a fantastic stuffing, ours is a winner. Super simple, so delicious and featuring our Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix.

Here’s the video:

So this year, sign up to bring the turkey (or the ham)! You’ll wow ’em with your mad skills and no one will know how easy it really was unless you tell them (and we hope you do).



PS – Our Salted Butterscotch Cheese Ball Mix is on sale this month – whip up a batch for dunking apples, or try this recipe: