Easy holiday appetizer alert! Are you having a get-together this month? Or need to make a little something to munch on while you are hanging out with friends? Make this easy tree appetizer with just one block of cream cheese and some Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam. Serve with crackers on the side and you are set. The only downside is that it’s so delicious, it might be eaten up just as fast as it took you to make it! (Hint: buy two blocks of cream cheese so you don’t run out!)

It’s very easy: cut a block of cream cheese diagonally and set one half on a serving plate. Then arrange the other half next to the first to create a tree shape. It will look like this:

Next, use a spatula to smooth the line in the middle so it will look like one little cream cheese tree. Add a tree stump with a few stick pretzels (optional)! Pour Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam over the top and grab the crackers!

BONUS: this appetizer can adapt to any holiday. For instance, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for Valentine’s Day and a star-shaped cookie cutter for Independence Day. Pour Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam or Bacon Pepper Jam over the top to enjoy with dippers.



PS: If you enjoy quick and easy appetizers, check out Bayou Chili Meatballs. Throw everything in a crock pot in 5 minutes, set it on LOW for a few hours and serve!