Fiesta with Friends: Make a Mexican Board!

Charcuterie boards are everywhere these days. And I, for one, am totally here for it.

Breakfast boards. Hot chocolate boards. Dessert boards. While they aren’t exactly true “charcuterie,” they are super delicious and super fun.

Best of all, you can personalize these beautiful platters with your favorite foods. Plus, everyone can help themselves to a variety of different toppings, tastes and textures – making them perfect for everything from Cinco de Mayo to girls’ night to game night with the kids!

Create a Mexican Board for Your Own Fiesta

Now, over the past couple years, I’ve made more than my fair share of platters with cured meats and cheeses. (My husband and I survived homeschooling during the pandemic with nightly cheese. Don’t judge.)

But until this week, I’d never actually made a Mexican-style charcuterie board before. It’s so simple, and my whole family loved it. I just wish that I had tried it sooner!

Ready to get started? Here’s how to put your own Mexican-inspired board together for Cinco de Mayo or any fun fiesta!

1. Grab Your Gear.
It’s always the first step! You’ll need a large wooden cutting board, pizza paddle or serving tray to assemble your charcuterie-style board. Be sure to grab a variety of small dishes and spoons, too.

2. Double Up on Dips.
Salsa is essential for any south-of-the-border platter. My personal favorite: Corn Black Bean Salsa. So fresh and perfectly addictive!

Creamy and spicy, Sí Sí Cilantro Dip is also an excellent choice for Mexican boards since it does double-duty as a dip or dollop in place of plain sour cream. (Tip: we cut the seasoning in half when making this dip for our kids, since it packs some heat!)

3. Try Mini Tortillas.
Arrange a row of street-style corn or flour tortillas on your board. I loved using the 4-inch size, since I could fit more on the board – plus, they’re perfect for finger foods! Feel free to use a 6-inch size if you’re making the board as a full meal.

charcuterie board with tortillas and chips

4. Chip in.
Of course, don’t forget the chips! Since everyone loves to build their own nachos, include a generous helping of restaurant-style tortilla chips. Keep a bowl of extra chips ready in reserve to refill your board or serve alongside your platter.

5. Fill with Fresh Veggies.
Add a burst of crunch and color with plenty of fresh veggies. Try to include a mix of different taco toppings, along with hearty vegetables for dipping. My faves: sweet bell peppers, jalapeños, radishes, chopped tomatoes and butter lettuce leaves.

charcuterie board with fresh peppers

6. Pick Your Proteins.
Black or pinto beans make a delicious vegetarian option.

For meat lovers, sliced flank or flat iron steak and grilled shrimp work beautifully for platters. (Just wait to add ‘em to your board until everything else is ready!) Otherwise, if you’re putting together a more traditional taco bar, keep shredded chicken or browned ground beef on low in a small slow cooker beside your board. Perfect for hearty nachos or street tacos!

7. Choose Your Cheeses.
Salty and crumbly, queso fresco is a mild Mexican classic. If you prefer to include a variety of cheeses, consider adding small dishes of shredded cheese (e.g. Monterey or Pepper Jack) and a crock of warm queso on the side, too.

8. Grab a Couple Garnishes.
For a finishing touch, fill in any spaces on your board with fresh lime wedges and a few sprigs of cilantro. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dive into this? 

Charcuterie board with Mexican night with meat, vegetables and toppings

9. Mix Up Margaritas.
Last but not least, don’t forget the drinks! Try a crisp, refreshingly fruity margaritas for your fiesta:

Try these Mango Breeze Margaritas
Mango Breeze Margaritas

No matter what Mexican favorites you mix and match, I guarantee it will be a hit – across the board.

Have fun with your fiesta, friends!

– Jen